SAC Command Reference Manual

Alphabetical Comamnd Listing

3c:Launch a Matlab GUI for manipulating 3-component data.
about:Displays version and copywrite information.
absolutevalue:Takes the absolute value of each data point.
add:Adds a constant to each data point.
addf:Adds a set of data files to data in memory.
apk:Applies an automatic event picking algorithm.
arraymap:Produces a map of the array or "coarray" using all files in SAC memory.
axes:Controls the location of annotated axes.
bandpass:Applies an IIR bandpass filter.
bandrej:Applies an IIR bandreject filter.
bbfk:Computes the broadband frequency-wavenumber (FK) spectral estimate, using allfiles in SAC memory.
beam:Computes the beam using all data files in SAC memory.
begindevices:Begins plotting to one or two of the two possible graphics devices.
beginframe:Turns off automatic new frame actions between plots.
beginwindow:Begins plotting to a new graphics window.
benioff:Applies a Benioff filter to the data.
binoperr:Controls errors that can occur during binary file operations.
border:Controls the plotting of a border around plots.
capf:Closes the currently open alphanumeric pick file.
cd:Change the working directory within SAC.
chnhdr:Changes the values of selected header fields.
commit:Commits (dopies) SAC data to the I/O buffers
chpf:Closes the currently open HYPO pick file.
color:Controls color selection for color graphics devices.
comcor:Controls SAC's command correction option.
contour:Produces contour plots of data in memory.
convert:Converts data files from one format to another.
convolve:Compute the convolution of a master signal with itself and one or more other signals.
copyhdr:Copies header variables from one file in memory to all others.
correlate:Computes the auto- and cross- correlation functions.
crr:Commit, Rollback, Recalltrace
cut:Defines how much of a data file is to be read.
cuterr:Controls errors due to bad cut parameters.
cutim:Cuts files in memory. Can cut multiple segments from each file.
datagen:Generates sample data files and stores them in memory.
decimate:Decimates (downsamples) data, including an optional anti-aliasing FIR filter.
deletechannel:Deletes one or more files from the file list.
depmec:Launch a Matlab GUI for estimating source depth and mechanism.
dif:Differentiates data in memory.
div:Divides each data point by a constant.
divf:Divides data in memory by a set of data files.
divomega:Performs integration in the frequency domain.
echo:Controls echoing of input and output to the terminal.
enddevices:Terminates one or more graphics devices.
endframe:Resumes automatic new frame actions between plots.
envelope:Computes the envelope function using a Hilbert transform.
erase:Erases the graphics display area.
evaluate:Evaluates simple arithmetic expressions.
exp:Computes the exponential of each data point.
exp10:Computes the base 10 exponential (10.**y) of each data point.
fft:Performs a discrete Fourier transform.
fileid:Controls the file id display found on most SAC plots.
filenumber:Controls the file number display found on most SAC plots.
filterdesign:Produces a graphic display of a filter's digital vs. analog characteristics
fir:Applies a finite-impulse-response filter.
floor:Puts a minimum value on logarithmically scaled data.
funcgen:Generates a function and stores it in memory.
getbb:Gets (prints) values of blackboard variables.
grayscale:Produces grayscale images of data in memory.
grid:Controls the plotting of grid lines in plots.
gtext:Controls the quality and font of text used in plots.
hanning:Applies a "hanning" window to each data file.
help:Displays information about SAC commands and features on the screen.
highpass:Applies an IIR highpass filter.
hilbert:Applies a Hilbert transform.
history:prints a list of the recently issued SAC commands
ifft:Performs an inverse discrete Fourier transform.
image:Produces color sampled image plots of data in memory.
inicm:Reinitializes all of SAC's common blocks.
installmacro:Installs macro files in the global SAC macro directory.
int:Performs integration using the trapezoidal or rectangular rule.
interpolate:Interpolates evenly or unevenly spaced data to a new sampling rate.
keepam:Keep amplitude component of spectral files (of either the AMPH or RLIMformat) in SAC memory.
khronhite:Applies a Khronhite filter to the data.
line:Controls the linestyle selection in plots.
linefit:Computes the best straight line fit to the data in memory and writesthe results to header blackboard variables.
linlin:Turns on linear scaling for the x and y axes.
linlog:Turns on linear scaling for x axis and logarithmic for y axis.
listhdr:Lists the values of selected header fields.
load:Load an external command.
loadctable:Allows the user to select a new color table for use in image plots.
log:Takes the natural logarithm of each data point.
log10:Takes the base 10 logarithm of each data point.
loglab:Controls labels on logarithmically scaled axes.
loglin:Turns on logarithmic scaling for x axis and linear for y axis.
loglog:Turns on logarithmic scaling for the x and y axes.
lowpass:Applies an IIR lowpass filter.
macro:Executes a SAC macro file.
map:Generate a GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) map which can include station/eventsymbols topography and station names using all the files in SAC memory
markptp:Measures and marks the maximum peak to peak amplitude of each signal withinthe measurement time window.
marktimes:Marks files with travel times from a velocity set.
markvalue:Searches for and marks values in a data file.
mat:Copy SAC workspace into Matlab and either execute a user-specifiedm-file or else get a Matlab prompt for interactive manipulation.
mathop:provides options for sequncing in inline expressions
merge:Merges (concantenates) a set of files to data in memory.
message:Sends a message to the user's terminal.
mtw:Determines the measurement time window for use in subsequent measurementcommands.
mul:Multiplies each data point by a constant.
mulf:Multiplies a set of files by the data in memory.
mulomega:Performs differentiation in the frequency domain.
nplotc:Annotates SAC plots and creates figures using cursor.
null:Controls the plotting of null values.
oapf:Opens a alphanumeric pick file.
ohpf:Opens a HYPO formatted pick file.
pause:Sends a message to the terminal and pauses.
pickauthor:Tell sac to read author list (and possibly phase pick information) froma user-defined preferences file, or interactively enter author list on
pickphase:Tell sac to read phase pick information (and possibly the author list) froma user-defined preferences file, or interactively enter phase pick information
pickprefs:Control the way that SAC manages and or loadspicks from a variety of input data formats (e.g., CSS, GSE, SUDS etc...)
picks:Controls the display of time picks on most SAC plots.
plabel:Defines general plot labels and their attributes.
plot:Generates a single-trace single-window plot.
plot1:Generates a multi-trace multi-window plot.
plot2:Generates a multi-trace single-window (overlay) plot.
plotalpha:Reads alphanumeric data files on disk into memory and plots the data to thecurrent output device.
plotc:Annotates SAC plots and creates figures using cursor.
plotdy:Creates a plot with error bars.
plotpk:Produces a plot for the picking of arrival times.
plotpm:Generates a "particle-motion" plot of pairs of data files.
plotsp:Plots spectral data in several different formats.
plotxy:Plots one or more data files versus another data file.
print:Prints the most recent SGF file.
printhelp:Prints hardcopies of information about SAC commands and features.
production:Controls the production mode option.
qdp:Controls the "quick and dirty plot" option.
quantize:Converts continuous data into its quantized equivalent.
quit:Terminates SAC.
quitsub:Terminates the currently active subprocess.
read:Reads data from SAC data files on disk into memory.
readbbf:Reads a blackboard variable file into memory.
readcss:Read data files in CSS external format from disk into memory.
readdb:Reads data from Oracle database into memory. NOT SUPPORTED
readerr:Controls errors that occur during the READ command.
readgse:Read data files in GSE 2.0 format from disk into memory.
readhdr:Reads headers from SAC data files into memory.
readsdd:Reads data from SDD data files on disk into memory.
readsp:Reads spectral files written by WRITESP and WRITESPE.
readsuds:Read data files in PC-SUDS format from disk into memory.
readtable:Reads alphanumeric data files in collumn format on disk into memory.
recalltrace:rolls back the laste committed waveform and most header fields
report:Informs the user about the current state of SAC.
reverse:Reverse the order of data points.
rglitches:Removes glitches and timing marks.
rmean:Removes the mean.
rms:Computes the root mean square of the data within the measurement time window.
rollback:reverts SAC to last committed version in I/O buffers
rotate:Rotates a pair of data components through an angle.
rq:Removes the seismic Q factor from spectral data.
rtrend:Removes the linear trend.
saveimg:Sves displayed graphics windows in several formats
scallop:Calculate a spectrogram equal to the difference between two smoothed versionsof the same spectrogram.
setbb:Sets (defines) values of blackboard variables.
setdevice:Defines a default graphics device to use in subsequent plots.
setmacro:Defines a set of directories to search when executing a SAC macro file.
sgf:Controls the SAC Graphics File (SGF) device options.
smooth:Applies an arithmetic smoothing algorithm to the data.
sonogram:Calculate a spectrogram equal to the difference between two smoothed versionsof the same spectrogram.
sort:Sorts files in memory by header fields.
spectrogram:Calculate a spectrogram using all of the data in memory.
sqr:Squares each data point.
sqrt:Takes the square root of each data point.
stretch:Stretches (upsamples) data, including an optional interpolating FIR filter.
sub:Subtracts a constant from each data point.
subf:Subtracts a set of data files from data in memory.
symbol:Controls the symbol plotting attributes.
synchronize:Synchronizes the reference times of all files in memory.
systemcommand:Executes system commands from SAC.
taper:Applies a symmetric taper to each end of data.
ticks:Controls the location of tick marks on plots.
title:Defines the plot title and attributes.
trace:Controls the tracing of blackboard and header variables.
transcript:Controls output to the transcript files.
transfer:Performs deconvolution to remove an instrument response and convolution to apply another instrument response.
transfertable:Details on older instrument tpes called in transfer
traveltime:Computes traveltime curves for pre-defined models
tsize:Controls the text size attributes.
unsetbb:Unsets (deletes) blackboard variables.
unwrap:Computes amplitude and unwrapped phase.
vspace:Changes the maximum size and shape of plots.
wait:Tells SAC whether or not to pause between plots.
whiten:Flattens the spectrum of the input time series.
whpf:Writes auxiliary cards into the HYPO pick file.
width:Controls line-width selection for graphics devices.
wiener:Designs and applies an adaptive Wiener filter.
wild:Sets wildcard characters used in read commands to expand filelists.
window:Sets the location and shape of graphics windows.
write:Writes data in memory to disk.
writebbf:Writes a blackboard variable file to disk.
writecss:Writes data in memory to disk in CSS 3.0 format.
writegse:Write data files in GSE 2.0 format from memory to disk.
writehdr:Overwrites the headers on disk with those in memory.
writesdd:Writes data in memory to disk in SDD format.
writesp:Writes spectral files to disk as "normal" data files.
xdiv:Controls the x axis division spacing.
xfudge:Changes the x axis "fudge factor."
xfull:Controls plotting of x axis full logarithmic decades.
xgrid:Controls plotting of grid lines in the x direction.
xlabel:Defines the x axis label and attributes.
xlim:Determines the plot limits for the x axis.
xlin:Turns on linear scaling for the x axis.
xlog:Turns on logarithimic scaling for the x axis.
xvport:Defines the viewport for the x axis.
ydiv:Controls the y axis division spacing.
yfudge:Changes the y axis "fudge factor."
yfull:Controls plotting of y axis full logarithmic decades.
ygrid:Controls plotting of grid lines in the y direction.
ylabel:Defines the y axis label and attributes.
ylim:Determines the plot limits for the y axis.
ylin:Turns on linear scaling for the y axis.
ylog:Turns on logarithimic scaling for the y axis.
yvport:Defines the viewport for the y axis.
zcolors:Controls the color display of contour lines.
zlabels:Controls the labeling of contour lines with contour level values.
zlevels:Controls the contour line spacing in subsequent contour plots.
zlines:Controls the contour linestyles in subsequent contour plots.
zticks:Controls the labeling of contour lines with directional tick marks.