Using SAC

SAC Output Messages


Number Translation
0002 Converting ascii to float - possible bad format.
0100 Operating system error
0101 opening file
0102 creating file
0103 for new file
0104 closing file
0105 destroying file
0106 Formatting error encountered while reading file
0107 File unit is in use:
0108 File does not exist:
0109 File already exists:
0110 Illegal file unit number:
0111 File unit is not in use:
0112 truncating file
0113 Illegal file type for file
0114 reading file
0115 writing file
0116 No available file units.
0117 Illegal hardcopy device:
0118 Can't send to
0119 checking existence of file
0120 No wfdisc file specified
0121 Error encoding XDR output file
0122 Partial updates not allowed for XDR file.
0123 Error decoding XDR input file
0124 Can't change to that directory. Check your permissions.
0125 csspickprefs not formatted properly.
0126 .wfdisc filenames require an explicit '.' on the command line:
0127 No data file specified.
0128 CSS file not version 3.0:
0129 Cannot form a path to that file
0130 XDR and ALPHA options are incompatible
0131 sac/datagen data directory not found.
0201 Illegal graphics device
0202 Current graphics device does not have cursor capability.
0203 Can't create X window. Check DISPLAY environmental.
0301 Out of memory.
0302 Memory manager links clobbered for block starting at:
0401 Enlarge: input record too small
0402 Enlarge: input record too large
0403 Enlarge: record has too many samples
0404 Enlarge: nmap
0405 Enlarge: ndiffs
0406 Enlarge: unexpected end-of-file
0407 Enlarge: nx, nrecl disagree
0408 Enlarge: too few samples found
0409 Enlarge: Number given in record header:
0410 Enlarge: Number of samples decompressed:
0411 Enlarge: inconsistent last values
0412 Enlarge: Last value of original data:
0413 Enlarge: Last value from decompression:
0801 File is not evenly spaced:
0802 File is not unevenly spaced:
0803 Data truncated to fit in user space for file
0901 SAC programming logic error
0902 Can't take logarithm of a non-positive number.
0903 Please answer with a YES or NO.
0904 DISTAZ calcuation failed internal check for entry
0905 Time field must be at least 12 characters long.
0906 Date field must be at least 18 characters long.
0907 Bad time field entry detected:
0908 Bad date field entry detected:
0909 Bad julian date field entry detected:
0910 Maximum array that can be sorted is
0912 (A,I6,I4,I3,I3,I3,I4)
0913 Interrupt received.
0914 Illegal base name:
0915 Illegal base numbers:
0916 File name too long:
0917 Size of passed array(s) too small.
0918 Can't read or write into the global variable file.
0919 SAC data array is too small to execute this command.
0920 Character list delimiter found in character entry:
0921 Not enough room in character list for character entry:
0922 Text would exceed the maximum available space:
0923 Expected to find option in range t0 - t9; none found.
1001 Bad command syntax at symbol
1002 Bad value for
1003 Value out of allowed range at symbol
1004 Illegal command.
1005 Illegal subprocess command.
1006 Length of string variable exceeded at symbol
1007 Not enough room for command file
1008 No command file name given.
1009 Too many command file arguments at
1010 Wrong number of command file arguments
1011 Bad command file syntax.
1012 Following option is not currently available:
1013 Obsolete command. Please use
1014 Undefined variable in command:
1015 Too many levels of nesting to execute macro
1016 Terminating execution of macro
1017 Illegal macro command:
1018 Exceeded maximum number of nested inline functions:
1019 Incorrect nesting of inline functions:
1020 Invalid inline function name:
1021 Correct number of arguments for this inline function call is
1022 Illegal arithmetic operation in inline function:
1023 All arguments to this inline function must be numeric.
1024 This argument in inline function should be an operator:
1025 This argument in inline function should be numeric:
1026 Maximum number of arguments for this inline function call is
1027 Exceed maximum number of external commands =
1028 External command does not exist:
1029 Command line too long.
1030 There is no year 0,
1101 Will terminate production run.
1102 Remainder of command file not executed.
1103 No help package is available.
1104 No help information is available for
1105 Error reading help information for
1106 Not a valid SAC command.
1107 Invalid entry in sitechan file
1110 No news is good news.
1111 Error executing system command, insufficient memory.
1112 Error finding program
1113 Error starting program
1114 Error ending program
1115 This option is not currently implemented:
1116 This function is not available on the
1117 Can't evaluate expression because of bad operand value:
1118 Maximum number of open transcript files is
1119 Maximum number of active traceable variables is
1201 Could not find VARS variable
1202 Maximum number of vars sections exceeded:
1203 Could not find VARS section
1204 Incorrect data type for VARS variable
1205 Could not delete VARS variable
1206 VARS option not currently implemented:
1207 Bad data block flag for VARS variable
1208 Disk file is not in VARS format:
1209 No current vars section has been defined.
1210 Bad input to subroutine
1211 VARS list already exists:
1234 RMS Noise greater than RMS Signal, setting to 0.0
1301 No data files read in.
1302 Maximum memory size exceeded.
1303 Overwrite flag is not on for file
1304 Illegal operation on data file
1305 Illegal operation on time series file
1306 Illegal operation on unevenly spaced file
1307 Illegal operation on spectral file
1308 Maximum smoothing half width is
1309 Maximum special header list length is
1310 Illegal data file list number
1311 No list of filenames to write.
1312 Bad number of files in write file list:
1313 Illegal relative time pick
1314 Data file list can't begin with a number.
1315 Maximum number of files in data file list is
1316 Can't smooth an unevenly spaced data file.
1317 The following file is not a SAC data file:
1318 Header in disk file is out of date:
1319 Bad data found in card image data file header.
1320 Available memory too small to read file
1321 Can't cut spectral file
1322 Undefined starting cut for file
1323 Undefined stop cut for file
1324 Start cut less than file begin for file
1325 Stop cut greater than file end for file
1326 Start cut greater than file end for file
1327 Stop cut less than file begin for file
1328 Start cut greater than stop cut for file
1329 Corrected by filling with zeros.
1330 Corrected by using file begin.
1331 Corrected by using file end.
1332 Fatal error condition.
1333 Unable to read some files
1334 Can't read or write DS2 formatted data files
1335 Illegal operation---only data file headers in memory.
1336 Undefined header field value.
1337 Illegal header field name.
1338 Too many data points to perform operation for file
1339 Too few data points to perform operation for file
1340 data points outside allowed range contained in file
1341 Can't write headers because CUT is ON.
1342 Illegal number of files in data file list:
1343 Formatting error while reading file
1344 Problem writing GSE file
1350 Could not find requested header entry
1351 Not enough room in header for new header entry
1352 Can not delete header entry
1353 Output variable too short for header entry
1354 No end-of-header found.
1355 Incorrect data type for header entry
1356 Can't cut unevenly spaced data file
1357 Decoding formatted alphanumeric data card.
1358 Maximum number of free format entries exceeded:
1359 Maximum number of alphanumeric data channels exceeded:
1360 Illegal character in alphanumeric content descriptor:
1361 Can only have one X channel per file.
1362 Must have at least one Y channel per file.
1363 Illegal data file list name:
1364 No data file list specifier (name or number) given.
1365 Illegal enumerated header field value:
1366 This command requires that data in memory be of type XYZ:
1377 Unable to adjust the time in the SDD header
1378 Illegal operation on XYZ data
1379 No SORT parameters given
1380 Too many SORT parameters:
1381 Not a valid SORT parameter:
1382 ALL and COMMIT options both set, ignoring COMMIT option.
1383 SORT failed
1384 ASCEND and DESCEND options go after the related header in command line
1385 No worksets in memory.
1386 Could not get Workset name.
1387 No file name specified.
1388 Reference time not equal to zero: Reference time is
1389 NVHDR, NPTS, NWFID, NORID, and NEVID cannot be changed with CHNHDR
1390 KSTNM and KCMPNM cannot be undefined
1393 Cannot Write Table of file:
1394 Unexpected option on PICKPREFS; expecting ON, OFF, or blank.
1401 Data may be corrupt. Proceed with caution.
1402 Data may have been removed. Proceed with caution.
1403 Cannot CUTIM: would result in too many files in memory.
1404 Cannot CUTIM: would exceed length of filename list (use shorter filenames)
1405 Cannot CUTIM: illegal cut point information
1406 Data has been corrupted, re-read or regenerate new data.
1501 Floor used
1502 Bad cursor position. Please retry.
1503 Invalid character. Please retry.
1504 Probable discrepancy in reference date fields in headers.
1505 Must specify at least two data file list names or numbers.
1601 File and filter sampling intervals not equal for
1602 Inadequate memory to perform FIR filter using DFT.
1603 Inadequate memory to perform FIR filter.
1604 Following file now in amplitude-phase format:
1605 Following file now in real-imaginary format:
1606 Maximum allowable DFT is
1607 DC level after DFT is
1608 Bad Wiener filter noise window for file
1609 Numerical instability in Wiener filter for file
1610 Unwrap failed at data point for file
1611 Corner frequency greater than Nyquist for file
1612 Window length exceeds maximum:
1613 Minimum size of data file for Hilbert transform is
1614 Numerical instability in Wiener; will retry with epsilon =
1615 Noise window outside of data window
1616 Noise window larger than data window
1617 Noise window partially outside of data window
1618 Order = 0 in HQR
1619 HQR failed, too many iterations
1620 Gain out of range, Filterdesign failed for Whitening coefficients for file:
1701 Can't divide by zero.
1702 Non-positive values found in file
1801 Header field mismatch:
1802 Time overlap:
1803 No binary data files read in.
1804 Illegal binary data file list number:
1805 Time gap (zeros added):
1901 Can't open HYPO pick file
1902 Can't open card image pick file
1903 Can't close previous card image pick file.
1904 All global card image pick files are in use.
1905 Need an integer. Retry.
1906 Need an integer in the range 0 to 4. Retry.
1907 HYPO line already written.
1908 HYPO pick file not open.
1909 Can't compute waveform.
1910 No valid pick found for the following file(s):
1911 Can't estimate back azimuth because of
2001 Command requires an even number of data files.
2002 Following files are not an orthogonal pair:
2003 Following files are not both horizontals:
2004 Insufficient header information for rotation:
2005 Points outside file's time window set to zero =
2006 Gains must be monotonically decreasing.
2007 Data clipped for file
2008 Requested begin time is less than files begin time. Output truncated.
2009 Requested end time is greater than files end time. Output truncated.
2010 Number of points in pair of files are not equal:
2011 Cannot read filter coefficient file:
2012 Interpolate data dx not positive:
2101 Need free period and magnification for ELMAG.
2102 Need number of zeros for EYEOMG.
2103 Need number of zeros, free period, scale and damping factors for GENL.
2104 Need an instrument sub-type for
2105 Unknown instrument sub-type for
2106 Need free period and damping factor for LLL sub-type BB.
2107 Need free period, damping factor, and corner frequency for PORT.
2108 Maximum number of poles exceeded in POLEZERO file:
2109 Maximum number of zeros exceeded in POLEZERO file:
2110 Illegal option in POLEZERO file:
2111 Taper frequency limits are invalid. No taper applied.
2112 Incorrect value for free period or magnification for ELMAG.
2113 Need free period, damping, corner, gain, and highpass for REFTEK.
2114 No response information for this channel in response file.
2115 No response file found in database
2116 Not a recognized response file type.
2117 SUBTYPE and FNAME options not compatible with DBASE, filenames ignored.
2118 No transfer function applied.
2119 The SCALE option is not required if the TRANSFER command is to be used on data. Out of date: scale no longer used in transfer
2120 Interpolation Failed: adjacent frequencies indistinguishable. Freq:
2121 NDC transfer had an OS error.
2122 NDC transfer had an application error.
2123 NDC transfer had a SQL error.
2124 NDC transfer had an unknown error.
2125 Interpolate begin value too large:
2126 Bad pole value in file
2127 Bad zero value in file
2201 First three elements in color table entry must be numeric:
2202 Size of passed color table arrays are too large.
2203 Bad values in color table arrays found and corrected:
2204 opening font file:
2205 reading font file:
2301 No TERM environmental variable set.
2401 Can't find an unused SAC Graphics File.
2402 Can't PRINT on ENDFRAME if SGF device is not on.
2403 Ignoring PRINT option in the middle of a frame.
2404 SPECTROGRAM, SONOGRAM, and IMAGE only PRINT if SGF is the only graphics device running
2405 Cannot PRINT: no SGF files produced.
2701 Syntax error in DO statement
2702 Do loop list exceeds maximum number of characters =
2703 Can't evaluate logical expression:
2704 Reading macro file
2705 Searching macro file for
2801 All data files must have the same number of data points.
2901 No xyz data in memory.
2902 Zoomed input too large to display. Maximum dimension is
3001 Exceeded maximum number of contouring levels:
3501 Plot Label number exceeds total number of current labels:
4002 Number out of range
4003 Number too small, near -inf
4004 Number too large, near inf
4005 Number string contains non-numeric characters
4006 Number string contains extra non-numeric characters
4007 Number string not converted
4008 Number below resolution, number too small, near 0.0
5001 Spectral Estimation Subprocess.
5002 Only one file can be processed by SPE at a time.
5003 No correlation function calculated.
5004 No spectral estimate calculated.
5005 Error within Dave Harris's subroutine package.
5006 A single evenly spaced data file is not in memory.
5007 Confidence limits option not currently implemented.
5101 Signal Stacking Subprocess.
5102 No files in stack file list.
5103 No time window defined.
5104 No distance defined for file(s)
5105 Time window mismatch:
5106 File name not in file list:
5107 File number not in file list:
5108 Maximum length of stack file list exceeded:
5109 Sampling intervals are not equal.
5110 Illegal velocity model number:
5111 Error in calculating velocity model values.
5112 Insufficient input for velocity model calculation.
5113 No valid stack sum exists.
5120 Cannot use both model and file. Continuing with model.
5121 Data file expected, none found.
5122 Distance out of range of data; blackboard variable not set:
5123 No blackboard variable name given, no variable set.
5124 TAUP and MODEL options are incompatable in TRAVELTIME. Input file required (no longer relevant)
5125 No phases found
5300 FK module
5301 Station and event latitudes and longitudes must be set for this command.
5302 Unable to determine offsets, type HELP BEAM
5303 OFFSET set to REF, but no reference data, use REFERENCE option
5304 OFFSET set to USER, but some files missing USER7 or USER8
5305 OFFSET set to STATION, but some files missing STLA or STLO
5306 OFFSET set to EVENT, but some files missing EVLA or EVLO
5307 Illeagle setting for OFFSET option
5308 Number of files must be between 3 and MXLENS
6001 Can't find file in data-set file index.
6002 No more data-sets available.
6003 Max number of files in data-set memory. No more room.
6004 Invalid data set name. Must be a character string.
6005 Another data-set already exists by this name
6006 Maximum allowed number of current data-set exceeded.
6008 Bad syntax in command.
7006 Illegal window size
7007 Location could not be transformed
7008 Exceeded maximum size of a data array:
7009 Illegal option found on card:
7010 Unable to open ZONESDATA file.
7011 Unable to open gctp messages file tmp.????.
8001 SETMAT takes only one parameter.
8002 Cannot link to MATLAB shared object:
8003 Cannot link to a MATLAB function:
8004 Cannot start MATLAB
8100 ORACLE DATABASE CONNECTION Oracle no longer supported
8101 command or option not operational; requires Oracle version
8201 No data points found for gettime
9000 MERGE
9005 Amplitude mismatch


July 2011 (Version 101.5)