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Started: 2005-10-17 23:33:09
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Jennings, Chris
2005-10-17 23:33:09
Just wanted to say hi to the list, and chime in that the Illinois State
Water Survey (ISWS) is currently using and developing several web
services. I, too, attended the FGIT meeting in Wash.DC and I enjoyed the
conversation on REST vs. SOAP.

I personally prefer REST over SOAP because REST involves much less
overhead for our purposes. We're a .NET shop, so ingesting SOAP services
is fairly easy too.

The ISWS is currently in the early implementation stages of an
enterprise-wide metadata system. This will include public web service
APIs to the metadata (both spatial and non-spatial). For the GIS folks
out there, I've also had great success in using a REST web service to
communicate with ArcIMS in a "Web 2.0/Ajax" application. If you would
like to know more, let me know. As we roll out our metadata application,
I'll post back here so you all can try it out.



J. Christopher Jennings

GIS Manager

Illinois State Water Survey



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