Thread: geophysical web service - perhaps a different approach

Started: 2005-10-20 07:17:01
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Topics: Web Services
Just saying hello to the list from someone who wanted but could not make it to
the last workshop. We are also working on some Geophysical web services here
..Our model is distributed (seismic or nearly any other) data processing
rather than distributed applications. Both servers and clients are thus fairly
full-featured processing systems (almost two hundred of integrated tools) doing
all sorts of stuff (data massaging, synthetics, plotting).

Anyone interested, please have a look at .
From this page, you can follow to "Processing examples", which is a collection
of tips and tidbits explaning the use of the undferlying processing package.
Some of the examples are executable (those fitted with buttons "run", such as
UTM coordinate transfomations). Note that the library of examples is also
maintained by the same service. Also, a companion server
( provides automatic code updates.


Igor Morozov
Assoc. Professor, Geophysics
University of Saskatchewan
114 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N5E2
(306) 966 2761

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