Thread: Release of ws-station service version 1.3.7

Started: 2012-08-23 23:40:17
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Yazan Suleiman
2012-08-23 23:40:17
Hello web service users,

The DMC has updated the ws-station service to version 1.3.7:

The update is backwards compatible, for users of the DMC's Fetch scripts or Java library no change is required.

The changes include:

- Introduced new output parameter xml|text:
output=xml - Results are returned in XML (StationXML) format, this is the default
output=text - A subset of metadata are returned in a simple text format for levels: network, station and channel

The text output is only supported for network, station and channel levels. This output is designed for use with web mapping or other simple station list applications.

- A "restricted" attribute is now populated for both channels and channel epochs, where the StationXML schema did

- Change association logic to allow for a more open matching of metadata (e.g. comparing station and network epochs). The end result is that more stations metadata are now returned.

- Improve cross-origin scripting capability by adding the HTTP header: "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" to responses.

- A WADL is available at

Web services team
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