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Started: 2013-06-07 00:06:22
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Celso Reyes
2013-06-07 00:06:22
Hello web service users,

The following web services will be shut down as of December 31st 2013:

ws-dataselect :
ws-bulkdataselect :
ws-event :
ws-station :
ws-availability :

The DMC's new FDSN web services provide the functionality of these legacy services. In most cases, the newer service is an evolution of the interface that it replaces with the additional benefit of having a standardized interface that will be available at multiple data centers. Notice that the URL for all new web services contains the version number.

Retired service New Service

In most cases this new service is a drop-in replacement of the two
legacy services with enhanced functionality, such as wildcard support
This is a drop-in replacement with one exception: the FDSN version of
the service returns origin depth estimates in meters for the QuakeML format
(to conform to the specification) whereas the legacy IRIS service returns
the depth estimates in kilometers.

The FDSN version of the service returns FDSN StationXML which is a
different schema than the XML returned by the legacy IRIS service.

The FDSN StationXML schema includes data availability information
equivalent to that returned from the legacy service. To request this
information callers must request XML as output and use the
includeavailability=true parameter and option.

Now, metadata requests may also be limited to channels where the data
availability intersects with the user specified time window.

Additionally, the following services will no longer be publicly available: ws-audio, ws-ms2ascii, ws-plotter, and ws-tracedsp. Their functionality is provided by the timeseries service.

Please contact us with any questions.

IRIS web service team

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