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Started: 2007-04-12 17:52:44
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Bishwa Jyoti Das
2007-04-12 17:52:44
II am using the SAC software. Frist I have to correlate the two
station data.
Actually I want help from you, how to correlate these data using SAC.
I am able to cut all the seismograms at -60 to+60.
For correlation I use the following command.
sac> r <Filename> <File name>
sac> p2
sac> correlate
sac> Xlim -0.5 0.5
sac> p1
It gives one kind of wave form of the given two seismograms at same window.
From that i am unable to get information about correlation.
I just want to know from you how can I able to get the correlation
coefficient and corresponding plot of the correlation function.

More over, secondlly, I also want to know the actual command for changing
the KZDATE and KZTIME in header file.
By changing KZTIME and KZDATE it comes Error :901: sac programing logical

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