Thread: reading a bb variable from a file or from sc

Started: 2017-04-20 23:31:18
Last activity: 2017-04-20 23:31:18
Topics: SAC Help

I have a simple script that does the number rounding:

SAC> sc rround.bsh &1,depmen&

Unfortunately in my ver 101.6a the "sc to" feature to get the shell output
into a bb variable is not implemented:

SAC> sc rround.bsh &1,depmen&
SAC> sc to var rround.bsh &1,depmen&
sh: to: command not found

I would like to use the rounding result (0.52) inside the SAC.

How do I capture the sc output into a bb variable in my case?

If I have a different number saved in a local file, how do I read that
number into a bb variable also? i.e., is there a command that would allow
me to do something like this:
SAC> readvar to bbvar ./data.txt


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