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Started: 2011-06-23 10:55:00
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Metin Kahraman
2011-06-23 10:55:00
Dear SAC users,

I am using SAC for my seismogram analysis. I prepared a SAC macro
which help me see the wave forms and pick the arrival times.

My question is when I read my data with read command in sac and plot
them with ppk, a Graphic window is opened and I can see the wave forms
but my computer screen is not so big so that I have difficulty to see
exact time of arrival time. I am using my mouse to get larger of
Graphical window. but the ne wave forms open small size. What I want
to do is, I would like to get larger graphical window using sac
commands in a macro.

I tried 'window' command but it did not worked. it does not much
effect to size of seismogram.

Do you know how can increase size of opening graphical window after
typing 'ppk'

Best wishes

Metin Kahraman

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