Thread: Does External interface still work?

Started: 2012-04-04 22:54:30
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Frederik Tilmann
2012-04-04 22:54:30

do the external interface commands still work, ie. compiled commands
into a library (as defined by SACSOLIST), which need to be
activated with

load command

(see sac manual
I used to have some commands that used to work (a long time ago,
admittedly), but now start working (I can tell from some logging
messages beinng generated), but then quit with segmentation fault before
returning to sac prompt.

This is with the following sac version (sorry for being out-of-date)
>> SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [08/24/2009 (Version 101.3b)]

If anybody has this working with recent sac version I can update and
check in detail for changes to the format since I last had this work


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