Thread: SAC Merge Error

Started: 2022-03-03 12:44:28
Last activity: 2022-03-04 09:56:15
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Park Suhee
2022-03-03 12:44:28

I want to merge the two seismic wave files. But my file doesn't have the same amplitude.
What should I do about this Error?

SAC> r file1.SAC
SAC> decimate 5
SAC> w over

Before this, file1's DELTA = 5*file2's DELTA
After this, file1's DELTA = file2's DELTA
I though it was enough, but another error occurred.

SAC> merge overlap average fie1.SAC file2.SAC
No files to average, error
merge: Gap zero fill
SAC> merge overlap compare file1.SAC file2.SAC
ERROR 9005: Amplitude mismatch

An error occurred at the first time and ran the following, but another error occurred.
Anything is fine, so give me a tip!
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