[iris-bulk] AGU 2007 Joint Assembly Seismology Special Session S06

Thorne Lay thorne at pmc.ucsc.edu
Fri Feb 23 14:21:13 PST 2007

AGU 2007 Joint Assembly Special Seismology Session

S06 Seismic Structure of the Core Mantle Boundary Beneath the Caribbean 
and Central America

Seismic heterogeneities near the core-mantle boundary have been mapped 
in several locations in the Earth’s interior. In particular recent 
studies have focused on the D” region in the lowermost mantle, which has 
led to detection of the D” discontinuity, seismic scatterers, ultra-low 
velocity zone structures, as well as radial and azimuthal anisotropy. 
These structures have been interpreted as related to subducted slab 
material, plume roots, and more recently the post-perovskite phase 
transition. Many different methods for imaging the structure of the 
core-mantle boundary, such as differential travel time analysis, 
waveform modeling, seismic tomography and shear wave splitting analysis, 
have been attempted with success, especially beneath Caribbean and 
Central America. Emerging techniques such as wavefield migration and 
waveform tomography have shown great promise in resolving the finer 
structure of the lowermost mantle. We invite contributions on imaging 
the seismic structure near the core-mantle boundary beneath the 
Caribbean and Central America. We aim to discuss methodologies, data, 
and results of recent studies to gain an understanding of the overall 
heterogeneous three-dimensional structure of the deep mantle in this 

The convener contact information follows:


Meghan S. Miller
meghan.s.miller at rice.edu

Fenglin Niu
niu at rice.edu

Thorne Lay
thorne at pmc.ucsc.edu

The deadline for submitting an abstract to the AGU is March 1st. The 
2007 Joint Assembly will be held 22-25 May 2007
at the Acapulco Convention Center, Acapulco, Mexico. The registration 
and housing deadline is
18 April, 2007. For more information please visit 
The web address for abstract submission information is: 


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