[SAC-HELP] question about beam

shenxzh at gmail.com shenxzh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 01:33:05 PDT 2008

I use 'beam' to stack the waveforms (1.sac, 2.sac,...9.sac) and get the output file-*beam.SAC, and want to copy the event and station information to the *beam.SAC file,  how to do? Who can help me supply a example of script?

Thank you.


Xuzhang Shen 

Lanzhou Institute of Seismology, China Earquake Administration (CEA) 
450 Donggan Xilu, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, 730000, China

Tel:  +86-931-8277661
E_mail: shenxzh at gmail.com; shenxz at gssb.gov.cn; 

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