[SAC-HELP] question about beam

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Dear Xuzhang,

Also I have tried to retrieve the header information and some difficulties exits. When you do it from some command window only appears the portion depending the size of the window and if you use a macro occur the same thing. However, usually we need only part of the information, with the following instruction in a cshell script you can save the information that you need, for example if you pick it with A and F markers:

sac<<EOF >! MyHeaderFile
r MysacFile

I hope that in the next version appear a better solution, specially if some body need all the header.

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I use 'beam' to stack the waveforms (1.sac, 2.sac,...9.sac) and get the output file-*beam.SAC, and want to copy the event and station information to the *beam.SAC file,  how to do? Who can help me supply a example of script?

Thank you.



Xuzhang Shen 

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