[SAC-HELP] Transfer problem

Blaine Bockholt (bbckholt) bbckholt at memphis.edu
Tue Feb 18 13:57:27 PST 2014

I am attempting to remove the instrument response of some data.  I downloaded the RESPFILE from IRIS and while using the evalresp option of transfer, I get the following error:

"WARNING (norm_resp): computed and reported sensitivities[ET.CPCT.00.HHE] differ by more than 5 percent."

I thought the final sensitivity at the end of the file is the product of all the different gain/sensitivities of each stage.  When I calculate it by hand, I get the sensitivity reported.  I am not sure where this error is coming from, nor I am sure how SAC calculates the sensitivity.?  Thanks.


Here is the command I use

trans from evalresp fname ET.CPCT.resp to none freqlim 0.001 0.002 15 20
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