Temporary Deployment

Temporary Deployment Mobilization Form

This is not a PASSCAL instrument request form! To request PASSCAL instruments, please go to the PASSCAL Instrument Request Form.

If this is a PASSCAL experiment, please fill in the PASSCAL mobilization form located here.

This form should be filled out by the operator of a temporary network who wishes this information (meta data), regardless of data location, to be included in the IRIS DMC database. This meta-data is searchable by all users.

Experiment/deployment name:
Names of Principal Investigators/operators and their institutions:
A brief description of the experiment:
Number of stations:
Experiment Location (min & max latitude and longitude):
Number of channels, their related sample rates and type (continuous or triggered):

EXAMPLE: 20 channels at 20 samples/s triggered
Anticipated date of experiment mobilization:
Anticipated date of experiment demobilization:
If you plan on sending your data to the IRIS DMC, please include your anticipated start date of routine shipments:
(The DMC will allocate resources based upon this date.)
If you DO NOT plan on sending your data to the DMC, please tell us where it will be archived and if it will be accessible:

Anticipated total volume: Mb
Network Code and Year: EXAMPLE: XA 92-93
(if you have not yet been assigned one, please request a network code)
Main contact's e-mail address:

Please enter the two words you see into the yellow box before you Submit your form.