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Started: 2012-08-16 21:10:09
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Yazan Suleiman
2012-08-16 21:10:09
Hello web services users,

The DMC is releasing a new version of ws-event for BETA testing.

This release is backwards compatible with the current production release with one notable behavior change: by default only the primary magnitude is returned for each event. Previously all magnitudes were returned for each event by default.

Other changes include new text output format and the designation of a primary magnitude per event. Also added is new 'offset' parameter that, when combined with the 'limit' parameter, allows for sub-setting the results.

Please send feedback for this beta release to us by August 28th if possible.

Web services team

Detailed descriptions of the changes are below and posted here:

* New includeallorigins parameter replaces the now deprecated preferredonly parameter. By default, includeallorigins is "no" and only the primary origin is returned.

* The default for the includeallmagnitudes parameter is now "no" and only the primary magnitude is returned. Also, includeallmagnitudes now refers to all magnitudes for an event and not just those associated with the primary origin.

* New output parameter and output format supported:
output=xml - Results are returned in XML (QuakeML) format, this is the default
output=text - Results are returned in a simple text format
Important: The text output is only supported for primary origins and magnitudes. This output format is designed for use with web mapping or other simple event list applications.

* New offset parameter controls the starting event when returning result sets, default is 1 (the first event). When used in combination with the limit parameter this can be used to subset result sets.

* QuakeML results include preferredMagnitudeID tag to identify the primary magnitude.

* QuakeML results include originID tag for magnitude information to identify the origin-magnitude association.

* A WADL is available to list the interface parameters:

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