Thread: velocity model

Started: 2007-04-23 21:16:55
Last activity: 2007-04-23 21:16:55
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kawsar laskar
2007-04-23 21:16:55
hi there,
i m trying to creat velocity
model from receiver functions.for this im using Ammons
icmod,respknt and pwaveqn. but while running paveqn i
m facing problem.
when i execute pwaveqn it asks for input file.i give
the input .sp_r,sp_z but it doesnt give any
result..(whether my input is alright or not)
when i try this paveqn with the real data it displays
an error message telling problem in rotation
if possible plz help me in this aspect.plz do
reply .
sincerely yours

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