Thread: read_css again-2

Started: 2011-02-08 21:21:58
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Vladimir Karpinsky
2011-02-08 21:21:58

I am sorry to inform you, that I have trouble with reading CSS 3.0 files
again. There are no errors while reading data, but data are reading
incorrectly. Here: I put 3 files
with data and plots obtained by SAC and WSG. I see difference between data
types in my wfdisc file and wfdisc file that create writecss: we use s4
(SUN IEEE integer), writecss create t4 (SUN IEEE single precision real).
Help of readcss says that s4 is also supported by SAC, may be I have
specify type of data manually or there is another way to convert s4 to t4.

Best regards,

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