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We would like to draw your attention to session S02 of the next AGU  
Latin American Joint Assembly, Acapulco, Mexico, 22-25 May 2007.

S02  Upper Mantle Structure and Geodynamics of the South American Plate

South America is unique in having the longest continuously-active  
subduction of oceanic lithosphere beneath continental lithosphere  
available for study. The long history of subduction along western  
South America implies its subcontinental mantle lithosphere and  
mantle wedge have been affected by widely varying convergence  
conditions and slab morphology.  Thus, observations of crustal and  
upper mantle structure of South America, and geodynamic modeling of  
this subduction history and attendant effects are important avenues  
to better understanding the dynamics of the plate.  Recent  
seismologic field experiments and new geodynamic analysis tools are  
refining our perception of South America's upper mantle structure and  
composition and their relationships to its plate motion history and  
structural evolution.  We welcome contributions regarding all aspects  
of South American crustal and upper mantle structure and geodynamics,  
including those relevant to the nature of the strong low-velocity  
anomalies in the sub-Andean asthenospheric wedge; relationships  
between asthenospheric wedge development and Andean deformation;  
structure and composition of South America's ancient cratons; upper  
mantle seismic anisotropy, petrofabrics, and geodynamic history;  
mantle temperature; seismic attenuation and rheology; the geometry  
and extent of the subducted Nazca plate; slab morphology and fate;  
and Caribbean-South America interaction.

Conveners: Marcelo Assumpcao (Univ. Sao Paulo, Brazil), Suzan van der  
Lee (Northwestern Univ., USA), Ray Russo (Florida Univ., USA)
Important date: Abstract deadline March 1st, 2007

More info at http://www.agu.org/meetings/ja07/
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