[SAC-HELP] sacio.a data size

Brian Savage savage at uri.edu
Thu Aug 2 06:17:48 PDT 2007


Thanks for the reporting of this.

Which version of the SAC are you using ?
And would you send me an example code of the problem
so I can track down the bug.


On Aug 1, 2007, at  11:53 PM , John D. West wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm coding in C on Linux, using the sacio.a library.  How can I  
> tell the length of the data section of a sac file?  I thought it  
> was supposed to be in the NPTS header, but if I try to read with an  
> undersize array, NPTS returns the array size, not the data size.
> Example:  I have a file with 25000 data points.  Not knowing the  
> size in advance, I size the array as float  fData[10000].  Using  
> the syntax on the web site to call rsac1( kname, yarray, &nlen,  
> &beg, &del, &max, &nerr, strlen( kname ) ) ; I provide fData[10000]  
> as yarray and 10000 as max.  When I read the NPTS header, it is  
> 10000, as is the nlen and max variables.  nerr returns 0, not -803  
> as documented for "number of points in file is greater than max."
> This gives me no way I can find to actually determine the size of  
> the data segment.  What am I doing wrong, and/or how do I work  
> around this problem?
> Thanks!
>      -- John
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