About SPUD

SPUD Version 3.0

The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Infrasound Event products

The TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) is a user-supported evolving database that serves as a reference event depository where researchers can contribute new events, provide a new solution for an existing event and find samples of infrasound events for their use.

In addition to the events contributed by users and those compiled by IRIS DMC TAIRED team, as indicated by the Author column, this database also includes automated events built using the AELUMA (Automated Event Location Using a Mesh of Arrays) algorithm developed by Groot-Hedlin and Hedlin (2015).

Two criteria are used to classify events in this database, source type and status:

Events sources includes the following types:

Status indicates the type of analysis that has gone into building the events:

A list of the contributing infrasound stations to the record sections for each event and the processing parameters used by AELUMA are available from the corresponding event page.

For more information visit the TAIRED product page

Citing Infrasound Event Products

If you use Infrasound products in publications, please cite according to the instructions at:


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This page queries for Infrasound Event products.

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Event TimeDescriptionSource TypeLatLon#StationsAuthor
2015-05-21 01:14:10AELUMA event 1432170850Infrasound37.87-74.9327IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-05-06 11:40:50AELUMA event 1430912450Infrasound39.37-72.8825IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-04-23 04:00:00Calbuco volcano, Chile, second eruptionVolcano-41.33-72.623IRIS DMC TAIRED
2015-04-22 21:08:00Calbuco volcano, Chile, first eruptionVolcano-41.33-72.621IRIS DMC TAIRED
2015-04-08 00:54:10AELUMA event 1428454450Infrasound39.92-73.8032IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-04-07 00:55:00AELUMA event 1428368100Infrasound39.77-73.5836IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-04-06 22:21:00AELUMA event 1428358860Infrasound39.28-74.2351IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 15:03:30AELUMA event 1427295810Infrasound39.10-73.6743IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 14:30:20AELUMA event 1427293820Infrasound39.30-73.2236IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 14:17:10AELUMA event 1427293030Infrasound39.87-73.3543IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 13:38:00AELUMA event 1427290680Infrasound39.53-73.6047IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 13:27:40AELUMA event 1427290060Infrasound37.65-74.5532IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-25 03:44:40AELUMA event 1427255080Infrasound37.15-75.9243IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-21 18:26:50AELUMA event 1426962410Infrasound39.68-73.2031IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-21 16:47:20AELUMA event 1426956440Infrasound39.23-73.8532IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-17 00:35:40AELUMA event 1426552540Infrasound39.75-72.4529IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-16 22:03:40AELUMA event 1426543420Infrasound39.97-73.3552IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-16 20:37:10AELUMA event 1426538230Infrasound39.78-73.7561IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-16 20:21:40AELUMA event 1426537300Infrasound40.15-74.0842IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 22:15:50AELUMA event 1426284950Infrasound39.93-72.7323IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 20:48:10AELUMA event 1426279690Infrasound39.10-73.9034IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 20:33:20AELUMA event 1426278800Infrasound39.48-73.2233IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 11:43:50AELUMA event 1426247030Infrasound47.20-75.8328IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 11:22:30AELUMA event 1426245750Infrasound47.15-75.8825IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-13 03:36:00AELUMA event 1426217760Infrasound36.25-77.1057IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-10 14:14:30AELUMA event 1425996870Infrasound38.38-73.9334IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-10 01:23:20AELUMA event 1425950600Infrasound39.83-72.5545IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-10 01:05:40AELUMA event 1425949540Infrasound37.48-74.5530IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-09 22:00:50AELUMA event 1425938450Infrasound37.05-77.8542IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-02 05:04:10AELUMA event 1425272650Infrasound39.23-73.8343IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-03-02 04:37:40AELUMA event 1425271060Infrasound35.47-77.5067IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-27 00:47:40AELUMA event 1424998060Infrasound39.30-82.6542IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-25 20:35:00AELUMA event 1424896500Infrasound41.92-80.7034IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-24 21:21:00AELUMA event 1424812860Infrasound39.77-73.6238IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-24 15:32:00Stafford Township gas explosion, NJ USAExplosion39.69-74.2722IRIS DMC TAIRED
2015-02-18 15:19:00AELUMA event 1424272740Infrasound36.58-76.8246IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-17 20:34:20AELUMA event 1424205260Infrasound43.78-73.9330IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-17 09:50:00AELUMA event 1424166600Infrasound40.78-79.2741IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-13 22:28:40AELUMA event 1423866520Infrasound33.43-82.6265IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-12 00:57:00AELUMA event 1423702620Infrasound33.17-80.3038IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 23:30:40AELUMA event 1423697440Infrasound32.43-79.2352IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 21:01:40AELUMA event 1423688500Infrasound38.75-74.8062IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 20:36:30AELUMA event 1423686990Infrasound39.25-74.1253IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 20:18:50AELUMA event 1423685930Infrasound38.30-74.5238IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 19:23:20AELUMA event 1423682600Infrasound39.25-74.0746IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 19:10:10AELUMA event 1423681810Infrasound33.97-78.6046IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 19:02:30AELUMA event 1423681350Infrasound38.87-74.1835IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-11 16:04:10AELUMA event 1423670650Infrasound39.25-75.7037IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-07 20:29:10AELUMA event 1423340950Infrasound48.55-70.2730IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-06 22:33:20AELUMA event 1423262000Infrasound38.38-73.8545IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-06 21:24:20AELUMA event 1423257860Infrasound39.92-73.1840IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-06 17:21:30AELUMA event 1423243290Infrasound39.72-73.2336IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-04 22:29:00AELUMA event 1423088940Infrasound37.68-81.1738IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-04 02:09:00AELUMA event 1423015740Infrasound34.50-80.1264IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-04 00:42:30AELUMA event 1423010550Infrasound32.77-80.8037IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-04 00:04:30AELUMA event 1423008270Infrasound40.30-72.8530IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-03 22:29:50AELUMA event 1423002590Infrasound33.83-82.5259IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-03 21:58:00AELUMA event 1423000680Infrasound35.32-78.3857IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-03 21:31:00AELUMA event 1422999060Infrasound38.92-73.2831IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-03 20:12:10AELUMA event 1422994330Infrasound39.53-73.9552IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-02-03 19:38:10AELUMA event 1422992290Infrasound39.15-74.0541IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-29 15:17:20AELUMA event 1422544640Infrasound40.15-72.0833IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-29 02:41:00AELUMA event 1422499260Infrasound33.00-79.3237IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-29 01:32:40AELUMA event 1422495160Infrasound32.48-79.0829IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-29 01:17:30AELUMA event 1422494250Infrasound32.95-81.8546IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 21:07:30AELUMA event 1421960850Infrasound32.15-78.9872IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 20:41:50AELUMA event 1421959310Infrasound43.92-76.1533IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 19:58:40AELUMA event 1421956720Infrasound40.13-73.4246IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 19:19:00AELUMA event 1421954340Infrasound40.50-73.2043IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 18:19:50AELUMA event 1421950790Infrasound40.02-73.1748IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 14:55:50AELUMA event 1421938550Infrasound35.23-75.8867IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 02:21:00AELUMA event 1421893260Infrasound33.03-79.13119IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 02:06:40AELUMA event 1421892400Infrasound33.08-79.32126IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 01:49:20AELUMA event 1421891360Infrasound32.65-79.1261IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-22 01:42:40AELUMA event 1421890960Infrasound32.87-79.50125IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-21 21:03:50AELUMA event 1421874230Infrasound36.53-74.9874IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-21 15:46:20AELUMA event 1421855180Infrasound39.10-73.5546IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-21 01:41:10AELUMA event 1421804470Infrasound34.08-78.2375IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-21 00:04:40AELUMA event 1421798680Infrasound36.78-77.2741IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 23:59:10AELUMA event 1421798350Infrasound34.07-78.8070IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 23:04:40AELUMA event 1421795080Infrasound43.48-79.0325IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 22:13:40AELUMA event 1421792020Infrasound35.02-79.7861IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 22:03:30AELUMA event 1421791410Infrasound34.30-79.3536IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 20:31:40AELUMA event 1421785900Infrasound34.30-79.2727IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 15:21:50AELUMA event 1421767310Infrasound34.63-76.8543IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 14:42:40AELUMA event 1421764960Infrasound36.05-74.5531IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-20 14:10:20AELUMA event 1421763020Infrasound33.82-77.9341IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-15 21:36:00AELUMA event 1421357760Infrasound39.68-73.7363IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-15 15:13:30AELUMA event 1421334810Infrasound32.30-81.9555IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-15 15:11:50AELUMA event 1421334710Infrasound39.10-74.1730IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-15 14:50:00AELUMA event 1421333400Infrasound31.98-81.3365IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-15 00:58:40AELUMA event 1421283520Infrasound36.00-77.5767IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-14 22:13:30AELUMA event 1421273610Infrasound32.58-81.4778IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-14 21:09:40AELUMA event 1421269780Infrasound32.73-81.2850IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-13 23:30:30AELUMA event 1421191830Infrasound39.63-73.8044IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-13 21:55:40AELUMA event 1421186140Infrasound37.82-74.1232IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-10 10:02:10AELUMA event 1420884130Infrasound31.68-78.4557IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-08 23:02:20AELUMA event 1420758140Infrasound32.30-82.8534IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-06 21:49:30AELUMA event 1420580970Infrasound34.87-74.6539IRIS DMC AELUMA
2015-01-06 20:00:20AELUMA event 1420574420Infrasound39.58-71.5858IRIS DMC AELUMA
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